Our mission

Nestled in the small community of Williamstown, MA, we grow nutritious vegetables using sustainable, ecologically friendly practices on our one acre farm.

We strive to respect and care for the entire ecosystem that sustains our farm including the native animals and plants that share it and contribute to its success. Our holistic approach to growing nutritious vegetables stems from a deeply rooted respect and gratitude of the earth.

We aim to share our love of food, farming, birds, bees, trees, soil, and the entire ecosystem with our community. We want to take pride in running a successful business, which means earning a living wage and to have friends, coworkers and customers whom we respect and admire and who respect and admire us in return.

We endeavor to be thoughtful consumers, using the land to sustainably meet our needs and to nurture our mind, body and soul...and yours as well! We cultivate creativity, spontaneity and peace in the moment, each day.